“It is not necessary that the cow kill ban law, which Hindus believe, is not necessary”.

For the first time these words were Gandhiji Today if the opposition is an attacker on the government, then he is somewhere connected to the cow. In the meanwhile, Gaou Maa was linked to Moblinking, and then Gaoura Rakshakas started speaking some of the terrorists from some portals with the force met some leaders in the opposition.

Not only that, gradually their propaganda started by the big sections of the media and the campaign to exterminate Gao Rakshaks from the country was launched. At that time, there were discussions of more guards than militants fighting the army. Although the guards are still demanding a stringent law against cow slaughter in the whole country, but do you know who was the first to forbid it? The episode is connected to Gandhi whose today’s birthday is celebrating many people.

There is a need to go back a bit in history. According to the excerpt from Saone Joshi’s book ‘Ek Tha Mohan’ written by keeping in mind the school students on Gandhi’s life, once a calf shattered in the Sabarmati Ashram. He was not suffering from pain, he was groaning loudly. After all, Gandhi allowed him to kill. Not only that when he was being given poison injections, Gandhi was standing there.

Shortly after the injection of the poison, the calf became calm forever and Gandhi went to his cottage. At that time all the people of Savarkar’s side considered him as a cow slaughter and wrote letters to Gandhi. At that time Gandhi had explained to those Hinduist ideologies that the liberation of the animals trapped in pain is not violence, it is nonviolence. The same book further states that Gandhi was convinced of his religion. They did not worship poojas, temples did not go to pilgrimage.

Once, when Gandhi’s wife Kasturba was ill, then the doctor asked her to give him the beef broth. . Here, Kasturba himself had strongly opposed and said that even if he dies, cow will not eat meat. Although Gandhi himself had opposed it, it was not written. According to the book, Gandhi used not only cow but also buffalo and goat as mother.

At that time some Hindu organizations were demanding the law to ban their mother and mother’s slaughter and meat due to being a majority of Hindus. The Congress leaders sitting in power from across the country were getting many vacancies on this subject. . But the wishes of all those Hindus were demolished when Gandhi said in a prayer meeting on July 25, 1947 in Delhi, “India can not become a law to stop cow slaughter.” The religion of Hindus is the same as the people of Hindustan Be it, how can it be? ” .


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