Kamal Nath’s challenge to Kamal’s colleagues … Remember, my grinder  is very fine..

Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath, giving a controversial statement after another in the election season, has given another controversial statement in which he is seen threatening government employees. Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath said some government employees in the state are engaged in the benefit of benefiting the BJP. Kamal Nath said that such employees should remember that if Congress comes to power in Madhya Pradesh, then all of these will be accounted for.

While addressing an election rally in Budhni assembly constituency of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath said, Kamal Nath’s mill runs late but grinding is very fine. Some government officials are supporting the BJP, some policemen are also inclined towards the BJP. Police officers should respect their uniform, not bending towards someone. Kamal Nath said, remember, 12 December after 11 also comes. On 11th day, Kamal Nath’s warning was from the day of counting.

Tell me that Kamal Nath is an important leader of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, but during the election campaign, he is also coming to the BJP’s target due to his statements. When Kamal Nath recently asked the Kamal Nath to give tickets to women in the elections, he said, “Congress is giving tickets to women who win elections,Tickets are not being given on quotas and decorations. Apart from this, a video of his whereabouts was revealed in which he was saying that Muslims are their votebank and the Congress has got votes of 90% Muslims.

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