Lalu’s son, who is also a communal talk of Hindutva, filed a divorce petition against his wife for being away from Hindu rites.

Former Bihar Chief Minister Laloo Yadav’s elder son, Tej Pratap Yadav, who had married Aishwarya six months ago, filed a divorce petition in the court. Tej Pratap has accused his wife Aishwarya of being away from Hindu rites. Tej Pratap Yadav is the son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is also communal to discuss Hindutva and who had stopped the ratha yatra of BJP’s senior leader Shri Ram Krishna Advani for Sriram and arrested him.

Tej Pratap says that Aishwarya is a modern girl, while I am a normal person. It is impossible to spend life with her Aishwarya. Sharp Pratap said that he is the only representative of the relationship between two political families. He was tolerant for many days, but now he does not tolerate a junky life. He said that such a big decision has taken quite a lot of thinking. After the decision of  Pratapap, there has been turmoil in the Lalu family.

According to the latest update, according to the latest update, according to the latest updates, on May 12, from the marriage of a divorce, details of the ups and downs of his relationship with Aishwarya till the end of September and there have been many types of allegations including mental harassment. Tej Pratap has accused Dew from studying the Aishwarya and imitating Western civilization and said that it is away from Hindu rites. On Aishwarya, Pratapap has also accused of fighting with the brothers. According to the petition, Aishwarya always used to say that Pratapapap was that your younger brother burns with you.

On June 2 said that you have all the bogs here. There was a quarrel between June 9 and June 11. Threw water and thrashed. In July and August also quarreled. It has been said in the petition that Aishwarya also threatens to implicate in court cases. There are some allegations which we can not publish while taking care of women’s respect. For Divorce, applications have been given in three sets of court on behalf of Pragatap. Section 13 (1) (1A) of the first Hindu Marriage Act, which is for divorce.The second application is given under section 14 (1), in which divorce has been sought within one year of marriage. There is also a sufficient basis for divorce.


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