Major action taken by Madhya Pradesh government … famous storyteller Devkindhan Thakur arrested..

The Madhya Pradesh government has taken big action on Devinanden Thakur, a famous narrator, who has been involved in the movement against the Ordinance brought on by the Central Government on the SCST Act. Today, the police has arrested the narcotics Devakandan Thakur, who has announced the withdrawal of his party in the assembly elections in protest against ST-ST Acta in the state assembly. Let us tell you that the narrator Devkindan Thakur ji had organized a movement against the SCST Act and had established the organization called Akhand Bharat Mission.

Let me tell you that in the Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, Narayanavakak Devkinandan Thakur has been taken into custody by the police. He had come to visit the famous Pitambara Devi temple. After the visit, he was taken into custody outside the temple. It is alleged that the code of conduct is applicable, in such a way, Maharaj came to visit with hundreds of his supporters without permission. Devkindran recently announced to contest the elections. Even before that he has been stopped in the case of Atrocity Act in Gwalior.

The national president of Akhand Bharat Mission, Devkinden Thakur ji Maharaj came from Mathura. According to the information, Devkinandan Thakur had come to visit the temple of Pitambara Devi, a famous temple of Datia district on Sunday, but the police arrested him for violation of the code of conduct. However, whether the case has been registered or not, it has not been confirmed by the police.

At the same time, the supporters of angry Maharaj from the police arrest were shouting slogans which continued till the news was written.Depositors outside the police station are protesting against their arrest and are demanding immediate release of them. After the arrest of Devkinkan Thakur in Datia, the wave of indignation is being seen across the country.

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