Mayawati – “Atrocities on Brahmins” Police abuse in racism politics

Talking about religion or religion, suddenly there are allegations of communalism and religious fanaticism, but what kind of politics is it in which the open talk of casteism is considered to be democracy? Sometimes the name of Dalits is taken directly to the excuse of SC ST and they are said to be exploited by the upper caste, so when suddenly there is a police in front, then the names of Brahmins are taken directly and they are called sufferers.

It is known that in the hands of the police constable Prashant, who was with Apple’s employee Vivek Tiwari in the capital, Uttar Pradesh, for some time now, BSP Chief Mayawati attacked the Yogi Government. Suddenly, this case has started becoming a casteist, in which Mayawati has now accused Yogi Adityanath for exploiting Brahmins.

Not only this, Mayawati, while presenting a press conference on Monday, said that “the law and order system has collapsed in the state and the government is suppressing the issue, especially the exploitation of the people of the Brahmin community. Harassment is happening. ” Not only this, Mayawati has now played a Brahmin card for airing the Dalit movement for some time now. According to them, the rule of the goons is under the rule of the present Yogi, especially in the uniform of the police due to racist and biased attitude.

Because of which the people of every class and religion are being victimized at large scale. In this case, people of upper caste society, especially Brahmin society, are now being subjected to more exploitation and harassment.

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