Neelam was shouted on her father and told him that – “Do you know what love is, if his name is Mohammed Haseen then therev is no any problem ..

When Parents were decided to marry about Neelam, then Neelam screamed that he would marry his own will. Neelam told his father that he loves Mohammed Haseen and will marry him. Neelam’s father explained him a lot but did not accept Neelam and said that you do not know the meaning of love. I will decide my life myself and I have decided that if I will marry then only Mohammed Haseen And then Neelam was married to Mohammad Haseen and now he has been murdered.

The matter is from Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh, where Neelam Pushkar (28), who was living at Phaphmau-Soram Bypass Road, was killed. On Wednesday, the corpse of the woman was discovered in the rug of her room. The house was locked from the outside. When the neighbors reported the smell, the police took out the lock and broke the dead body. Neelam’s husband MO Hasin is absconding with two children. It is reported that after killing wife Neelam, she ran away locking. Since the corpse has been decayed, it is not clear now that how Neelam was killed.

Please tell that Neelam, daughter of Phaphamau resident Shambhu Pushkar, Hasin had a love match. On Wednesday evening, the house of Neelam was very stinking. When neighbors suspected, then the phaphamau police were informed. When the police broke the lock in the reach of the main gate, the corpse of sapphire wrapped in a blanket in the room was recovered. The zombies went to the road, there were insects in it. Neighbors had seen spouses six days ago. Since then, the house was locked. Sapphire has two children of six and eight years. Husband and child are missing..

Sauraon Police say that only after the post mortem of the body will be cleared. Husband is absconding for children, so the suspicion of murder is on him..

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