Not only the Haryana, the connection of many mosques came from terrorists … transition spread across India.

After the disclosure of the matter of making a mosque in Palwal of Haryana with the money of the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar, the ears of security agencies have stood. Security agencies are suspecting that in many parts of the country, the local network is being used on this pattern by using money from terrorist organizations. After disclosing the money received from Hafiz Saeed in Palwal Masjid, the NIA is considering increasing the scope of its investigation.

According to NIA sources, the matter of making a mosque from a terrorist fund is not limited to Palwal of Haryana. Some districts of western Uttar Pradesh have now come under the purview of the agency’s investigation, as arrests have already been done in respect of terrorist funding. The Salman links to the people of western Uttar Pradesh, accused of constructing a mosque from Terrorist Fund in Palwal.

Officials of the NIA feared that besides the western Uttar Pradesh, the contact of terrorists can be done in Bihar, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir as well as arrests have already taken place at these places. Indeed, intrusion has become difficult due to strict surveillance on the border. Therefore, terrorist organizations have brought out a new way to create a tire module in the country. Now they are in the midst of money to set up a terror network inside the country.

For this, money is being brought in the country through hawala and it is building stately buildings. For the past few years, many parts of the country have suddenly seen large large mosque buildings or madarsas standing up. It is not necessary that every such building belongs to the terrorist organizations, but suddenly the abundance of such buildings creates suspicion, so the intelligence department has gathered in the investigation of funding deposited for such buildings.

Apart from this, another sensational news is also that efforts are being made to spread fanaticism through social media so that ground cadres of terror organizations can be prepared. For this, funding is being done through hawala.

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