November 13 – Sher -E- Punjab “Maharaja Ranjit Singh” Birthday, who was victorious in Lahore and Peshawar by killing abuser Hashmat Khan at the age of 13.

In India’s history there are very few people who are engaged in the sycophancy of only one class, hardly know the details of the daring warrior. Fake artisans who tell India’s false history of shield and without sword are hardly aware of this heroic sacrifice About how bloody the story of India’s sacred history . The golden chapters of India’s same holy history are the glory of India born today  Ranjit Singh ..

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s name has been written in the golden letters of Indian history. This Mahavir of Punjab won many fierce battles on his own courage and bravery. Ranjit Singh’s father was the head of Succarkia Missal. In his childhood, Ranjeet Singh had become afflicted with smallpox, that is why his left eye became visually blind. But he never allowed this to become weak. Ranjit Singh, who came face to face with challenges from Kishoreva, was only 12 years old when his father died (year 1792).

At the age of playing, Ranjeet Singh was made the ruler of Missal, and he performed that responsibility well. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a very simple person by nature. Even after receiving Maharaja’s title, Ranjit Singh used to sit on the ground with his courtiers. He was famous for his generous nature, high sense of fairness. He always used to work on removing his people’s sorrows and troubles.

The economic prosperity of their subjects and their preservation as if they were to protect them was their religion. Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled for almost 40 years. He made his kingdom strong and prosperous in such a way that his victory did not have the courage of an attacking army to lift his eyesight and his empire.Mahajan Singh and son of Raj Kaur, Ranjit Singh has been trained in horse riding, fencing and other war skills since the age of ten. At the young age, Ranjeet Singh was going to different soldiers with his father Maha Singh.

Ranjit Singh, who gave dust to his opponents with his might, had a deadly assault on 13-year-old man. Kshatriya Ranjit Singh himself killed the assailant, Hashmat Khan, who slept on his own. In childhood, the pain of smallpox, an eyeball, the suffering of the death of the father at the earliest, the burden of sudden workload, the attempt to murder himself, all these difficult cases changed Ranjit Singh into some strong steel.§ Maharaja Ranjit Singh was married to Mahtaba Kaur at the age of 16. His mother-in-law’s name was Sada Kaur. Regarding the advice and encouragement of Sada Kaur, Ranjit Singh attacked Ramgadia, but he could not achieve the success in that war.

There was no death penalty for any criminal in any of their states. Ranjit Singh was a very liberal king, but by conquering a kingdom, he used to give his enemy some money in exchange for his life so that he could live his life. He was the Maharaja of Ranjit Singh who had renovated the Golden Temple ie Harmandir Sahib.

Today, the Sudarshan family takes the vows of valor and self-respect to keep Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji on his birthday, and to keep his successes forever immortal…

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