November 21 – Birthday hero Yadunath Singh .. 9 Marches with Indian Sinho, 250 Pakistanis, and finally became immortal .. Himalayas are still witness to that greatness.

You will hear a lot of noise nowadays like Tipu Sultan etc. You have also seen attempts to forcibly tear apart all the baseless facts. But the heroism which is still echoing today, he has hardly heard of the Himalaya’s discussion in the Himalayas. Imagine the 9 warriors who knew that the number of enemies in front is around 250, even then they have not decided to skip the inch and kill all and get immortality.

But instead of trying to forcibly glorify a pestilence rather than his true and lively history, it would be considered to hurt the soul of these heroes by the so-called politicians, fake artisans and false historians. If someone says that even a bit of history If there is no tampering, then Yudhunath Singh can bear testimony of the memory of today, which means that on 21st November there is a birthday but hardly this glorious day Od rest are missing someone.

Param Vir Chakra’s hero Jadunath Singh was born on 21 November 1916 in village Khajuri of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) district. His father’s name was Veerbal Singh Rathore and mother’s name was Jamana Kanwar. You received education only till class 4 I was deprived of further education due to poverty. On November 21, 1916, Nayak was admitted to Rajput Regiment Fatehgarh in the year 1941 on the day of November 21, Ut joined the regiment’s 1st Btalian .

On 6th February 1948, hundreds of soldiers of the Pakistan army attacked at 6:40 am. At this place, the leader of the picket of 9 soldiers were doing Jodunath Singh. In encounter, four Pickett soldiers were badly injured. The hero wounded The soldiers took the brain gun and began to take a fight with the survivors of 5 survivors. First, the injured gunner’s brain gun again used a bulk of his stan gun and the enemy Not barred from proceeding .

When the other platoon of the Indian army reached the front for help, the Nayak’s 2 bullets had been taken against him, but his nephew was engaged in a fight against the enemy with his stain gun. This super hero had limited number of 9 soldiers in Pickett and limited bullets and grenades Thanks to that, in the injured state of Nausera sector of Jammu Kashmir, hundreds of enemies have done extraordinary work to kill and on the retreat of the enemies .

Before this, only Major Somnath Sharma had got this medal. Today, the Sudarshan family takes a pledge that the hero of the heroes, who repeatedly bow down on his birth anniversary, will always remain immortal for his success.

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