Tackling the Proxy system of Coaching Institutes that kills

In the month of May, a coaching centre suddenly caught fire due to cheap infrastructure as well as lack of proper mechanism to tackle emergency conditions the result of this incident was horrible, the fire was taken under control, but with the cost of life of 22 innocent children. as soon as the the incident were hear by the government of Surat, harsh and extreme steps were taken upon such coaching institutes who lack such availability of life saving appliances and basic emergency tools and kits.

Here, a major question arises upon the Coaching centres of India and the basic purpose? Kota a place to prepare to crack medical a well as engineering examinations, is the Jurassic park of Coaching Institutes that engulf many students passion, talent, creativity and some times lives too. There has been increase in suicide rate in kota by the students preparing to crack medical and engineering entrance exams, we need to understand the physiology of students here.

Long gone the days where the students have were study to achieve quality education or for excellence, nowadays there is a war to get the merit, through spoon feeding techniques and methods to only qualify in exams destroy the creativity of the student, they are made to sit in long lectures of those subjects which they lack interest. According to a research families irrespective to their status expend 12% of their total earning in studies of their children, and if the children fail to score merit marks the got an emotional hit as they the victim of societal taboo i.e the children will succeed only if they join a coaching centre.

Its like a Social fashion nowadays to send children in certain coaching centres, which these centres took the advantage by converting knowledge giving centre into a business centre, very few coaching centres are existing there who gave the proper education an example is Super 30 upon which very recently a movie is yet to release. There is need start a movement to eradicate such Proxy Institutions and also those institutions who doesn’t pay tax , doesn’t have proper infrastructure or have lack of availability of teachers or staff.

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