Iran Near to made a Nuclear Bomb? End of Iran Nuclear Deal.

In July 2019 Iran made a big announcement internationally to end the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and start enriching uranium, to create nuclear bomb, breaking the Iran have exceeded it’s limit of enriching uranium from 3.6% to 96%-98% to create  nuclear ballistic bombs as well as nuclear weapons. Uranium is execrated in it’s ore form and then is processed more and more to derive it’s purest from which is now as enriching, only 4%-3% of enriching of uranium ore can run nuclear reactors sufficiently and max 5% is more than enough to supply power, above than processed uranium is dangerous and used only for making bombs or high developed uranium weapons which Iran is doing.

In 2015 under former U.S president Barack Obama Iran nuclear deal was signed to delay nuclear making weapons by Iran until 2031, the deal was also signed  under some concerning circumstances, during 2008-2009 Iran was very much keen in making a nuclear bomb and Barack Obama knows that if Iran would make a nuclear bomb then there were chances of war which america can’t afford as after spending millions and billions of money already. After the incoming of Donald Trump who have been criticising this deal before immediately pull out from Iran nuclear deal.

To make a single Nuclear bomb Iran must have to enrich 1050 kg  of uranium into it’s purest form to derive, around 25 kg of uranium wold then be converted into metal from gas state and after packaging when mount upon ballistic missile to finally create a nuclear ballistic missile. Israel have mentioned the threat that it would be getting from Iran if it succeeded in making nuclear bombs, other countries will also be affected if Iran continues to make bomb, India would be also be affected by this action as the crude oil prices would raise up and thus affect the market economy of India.

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