On the name of the rapist Osman  was silenced as soon as Osman , the women commission of Delhi  became silent….

The image of Delhi women commissioner Swati Maliwal has been made such that it automatically takes cognizance of the incidents of Delhi, not just Delhi but also UP, Bihar, Gujarat and Kashmir. The Delhi women commissioner who talks about women’s self-respect is silent when the school cab driver Usman Khan rape in a Delhi girl with a innocent schoolgirl and tries to put innocent childhood under the feet of her lover.

The question arises that when the Delhi Women Commission can take cognizance of reports outside Delhi, why not the rapist of Delhi, Osman? The matter is of Delhi Karol Bagh area. A cab driver of a well-known private school in Delhi Karol Bagh area committed cruelty to a five-year-old girl studying in a nursery. On the complaint of the girl’s mother, the police arrested Karol Bagh police station and took action against the driver of the driver Osman Khan and lodged a case under Posko and arrested.

On Thursday, he was sent to Tihar Jail in Tihar Hazari court. According to Madhya District Police Officer, 38-year-old Usman Khan is a resident of a bariwadi. He’s married. Usman has been working to bring and take school students to school for the past 12 years. He has eco van. She works to bring children from the nursing studying in a prominent public school located in Karol Bagh to the 12th school.

For the past four months, Usman Khan was working to bring the girl to school and bring home. The mother of the girl said that she had been reluctant to go to school for a few days and was talking about the pain in the private part. On suspicion, when the mother of the girl questioned her strictly on Wednesday, she informed about the abusive act by the cab driver. The child said that while leaving the school from the house, the driver of the cab was sitting near him and used to do wrong things with him. After everybody left home, the cab driver left him home

Well, Delhi Police arrested the rapist Osman, showing the activism, but the surprise is that the Delhi Women Commission did not take any cognizance of the matter. Swati Maliwal, the president of the Delhi Women’s Commission, who is fasting on the Kathua Kand, does not consider taking cognizance of this incident as the name of rapist is Osman?



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