On the other hand Mumbai  first anniversary of the terrorist attack on 26/11, Kejriwal was launching the same day on his party. This is just a coincidence or a thoughtful date

Today, that incident has happened for the past seven years but the wounds are for Jyoti. On this day, the country had not only lost countless innocent people, but many foreigners also became victims of that dark shadow of terror. At that time from the Taj Hotel to Leopard Cafe, the bloody game played by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists is still enough to make someone’s hair grow.

26/11 after 26/11, the country had become like a day on which the whole country not only the innocent people of the country, but also the sacrifice of many junk policemen and military officers who have received Veergati along with the foreign guests, with damp eyes It was a day to remember. If someone was celebrating this day, then he was sitting in Pakistan, the ostricence of terror, who watched his blood flowing in India, and his frenzied crazy things They were hrilled to be big …

But when the party, standing in support of the militant Naxalites, who, in the wake of a year after the whole of India, would call the Indian police to throw all the loudspeakers in the elections of the Batla House, celebrate under the leadership of a self-proclaimed honest man. Once the launch was done, the public had wondered whether it was the day that the party got to launch the party, when the nation is mournful, its dead soldiers, foreign guests And innocent people ..?

Launching the party is not a simple thing, arguably the day, the time, the dates etc. were very important behind it. It is so certain that Arvind Kejriwal and his team should have kept this date thinking very carefully. Some experts say That Kejriwal had to wait and at least 1 day to do, that too was the first anniversary of the 2012 cruel massacre

Even today, the Aam Aadmi Party’s leaders’ tweets etc. can be known that their focus instead of paying tribute to this cruel massacre in the country, the attention of their supporters along with themselves is to focus on the launch of their party. Arvind Kejariwal has also made a tweet in this regard and has given the achievements of his party. It is arguably what Kejriwal would know better about the purpose behind this incident, but the time and date in this country can highlight many issues and many Has played an important role in suppressing cases.

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