Pakistan did not release Christian woman Aasiya normally    … behind this, a big deal was done.

When the Supreme Court of Pakistan forgave the sentence of Christian woman Aseya Bibi who was awarded death sentence for blasphemy and ordered the release of Aasia Bibi, the decision was appreciated across the world. But after this the fundamentalists started stripping all over Pakistan and threatened to kill Supreme Court judge, Pakistan Army Chief. Alert had to be installed in almost whole of Pakistan

But now the news from Pakistan about Aasia Bibi has come as a surprise to us. The Government of Pakistan has made a new agreement with the fundamentalist Islamic Party to prevent protests against the recent judgment of the Supreme Court in the matter of blasphemy which proves how the Imran Khan government is dancing on the gestures of the fundamentalists. Asia Bibi will not be allowed to leave the country under this agreement with the fundamentalists.However, it has not yet been clear how long the restriction will remain.

Pakistan’s communications minister Fawad Chaudhary has said, “We had two options. The first way was that we used force but when you use force that people can die. This is not an option that any state should choose. We compromised and in agreements you get something in return for something.Under this deal, the Pakistani government will initiate legal process to prevent Asea Bibi from leaving Pakistan. At the same time, the government will not oppose the review petition against this decision.


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