Palestinian stone responds to Israeli bullet again .. Silence for eternity, 6 stone sheds and soldiers who silenced them National soldiers

The Israeli army gunning against the religious extremism has always been needed against the Palestinian maniacs once again. The Israeli army has turned 6 Palestinian stone slabs into stone, stoning Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip. After this incident, tension has increased between the two. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that he was returning home after passing the visit of Paris in the middle.

He went to Paris to attend a program organized on the completion of the hundred years of World War I. Israeli army confirmed that one of his soldiers died and others injured during the conflict. Israeli army said in a statement, “There was a firing from both sides during the campaign in Gaza Strip. In this incident, one of the officials of the IDF died and an additional officer was injured in a minor manner. Palestinian security sources said that the encounter took place in the eastern area of ​​Khan Unis in southern Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra told that six Palestinians have been killed. A local hospital said that among the dead, there was also a local commander of Hamad’s armed wing ‘Azzedin al-Kashem Brigade’. After the conflict, there was a notification of playing siren in southern Israel, indicating a possible rocket attack from the Gaza Strip. Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conrichus said that all Israeli soldiers involved in the campaign have returned to Israel.

Hamas spokesman Fazzy Barham, who runs the Islamic movement in the Gaza Strip, condemned the “horrific Israeli invasion”, while Israel says that the Israeli army will do the same against the enemies of the country.

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