Priyanka Chopra’s marriage to fireworks in “Diwali crackers do not fire”

How many rules have been made for the Hindu law, the Constitution and the judiciary have also been formed by the executive. They also have no personal law, even many of their opponents stand by their names and caste etc.. . Whether it is the holy festival Diwali or the topic of Lord Shriram Janmabhoomi.

People of some Hindu people feel proud to shoot the carchers, on the auspicious occasions of Deepawali, the video may have been seen by everyone, just before the Deepavali, considered to be the holiest festival of the Hindus, the role of so-called Star and many others is being played by Priyanka Chopra. If you are not able to see that video message at the moment, then we write and tell you the words that Priyanka Chopra said at that time –

“I urge you all to not burst crackers in any situation, save the society from being polluted, and make the Diwali free of pollution free, eat laddus and make fun of it”. In his message, there was no such thing about the exclusion of Chinese goods. But as soon as the matter came to itself, he forgot all the knowledge Priyanka Chopra, which for some time has been for Syria and Rohingy refugees for some time now. Mr. garnered brand ambassador of a kind.

Even though he has not forgotten a single Kashmiri Hindu who has become a refugee for 30 years in his country. It is known that recently, Priyanka Chopra and her life partner Nick Jones got married against Priyanka Chopra’s speech and made rules. .. At the wedding of the Catholic Christian tradition, there was fierce fireworks at the wedding venue of Rajasthan .. There was a lot of noise and pollution to the skies, with a lot of pollution, near the marriage site. People had just faced one of noise pollution, but air pollution

On this occasion, Priyanka Chopra and her husband and family have only begun to laugh, and they are not worried about the local residents who are facing pollution once. On this occasion, only one thing is missing – Your ” ..

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