Probably taking a cognizance of the whole of India, Delhi woman commission chairperson Swati Maliwal ji? If not, why do you silence the party’s traitor leader Somnath?

Then there was no one left from the Yogi Adityanath to the central government, which he might be shocked at the dilemma of ethics, humanity and women’s honor. In the case of Kathua which appeared in the Jammu Kashmir region.

Even though the matter was still suspicious and still is in doubt, but by lifting the suspicious case with full faith, he showed the world that there is no such woman in India who would feel unsafe by them. Meanwhile, , Bihar etc., then the victims of the whole of India looked at them with the eyes of hope.

The discussion is going on between the chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission, Swati Maliwal ji. But in the midst of such a situation, Swati Maliwal, who took a cognizance of the affairs of the whole of India, started appearing calmly on the events of Delhi coming to his main jurisdiction. . N did not just calm but also shook them from those matters. Then the question arose that Chairperson, did the women of Delhi have any respect or self respect Is Your View?

Or after being harassed by the leaders of the common man, ministers, there is such a special reason that you keep silence on it? The post of the Women’s Commission is far beyond the caste, religion, vote, religion, politics, diplomacy etc. But to show steadfastness in only one party’s territories and to remain silent in their jurisdiction, force them to question the media and the public somewhere. gives .. This is not the first example.

In Delhi, the fertile crop of Votebank became illegal, but the widow and her daughter are orphaned by Patiram’s widow but a word is not spoken by the Delhi Commission of Women .. Then, the women of Jahangirpuri dared the camera of Sudarshan News And accused by illegal Rohingyas for tampering with them and their daughters sisters .. A Maliwal get live not the time to take cognizance of these issues ..

After this, a taxi driver who carries him with a Avodhi girl in Karol Bagh, rape the person but the matter is again being linked to the special category, a long silence continues. Women from Delhi’s Brahmapuri come in a state of escape There is a woman from Srinivaspuri who wants to live with her live camera but all these cases are connected to a class specially against a class, hence she If President G. tend to ignore it.

Now the new case is of a traitor leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, which holds the number 2 or 3 in Aam Aadmi Party. Whenever they raid women in their own homes, whenever they show cruelty to their wives And now openly speaking in TV debate, the female anchor of Sudarshan News is speaking such a lump that can be spoken or heard anywhere except the meetings of the Aam Aadmi Party. But the surprise is that it will be given to Li is listening to the Women’s Commission also watching it very quiet.

The Aam Aadmi Party, standing on the grounds of humiliation of women, may not have any hope, but such neglect of women by the commission made by the women’s name will only raise the question that what is the compulsion is that the President has said that Are you silent when you encounter issues related to the party or the class? Women from Delhi’s jurisdiction of Maliwal, who have taken automatic cognizance of issues related to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, ..

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