Rohingya Maulvi Mohammed Yusuf’s Cruelity shows in Jammu is telling how much problems were faced by  Buddhists in Myanmar.

These are one of the reasons why the Buddhists involved in the peace-loving people of the world must have been forced to do something from the hopelessness of the slanderers and then to try to make them stand in the dungeons of violence. Buddhists, who have never been sheltered in Myanmar as laborers, have not been aware that they will start increasing their population rapidly in the coming time, a new country, from those Buddhists who protect their borders by sacrificing their ancestors and sacrificing their lives.Yes, India also started to see the real form of the dreaded Rohingyo .. It started with Camp Jammu, which has sheltered them.

It has been learned that a case has been registered against Rohingya Maulvi of a Madarsa, who was involved in Rohingya Basti located in Narwal area of ​​Jammu city, for violating a minor student. In the complaint, the girl alleged that Maulvi tried to sexual abuse. Police have registered a case. The accused Mohammad Yusuf is living in Myanmar.

It is alleged that she tried to sexually exploit an 11-year-old girl studying in Madarsa. The student gave information about this to his family. After this, the parents lodged a complaint with the Trikuta Municipal Police Station. Maulvi is being arrested and questioned. Poxo act has also been imposed on the accused. After this case, Rohingya supporters have been seen silent .. Not only this, the name of Rohigya, the name of the great name giving the cry of the honor of the daughter and the woman, has automatically become silent.

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