Rohingyas are the real murderers of the Buddhists… Rohingyas are selling their own daughters for money .. No claim of any Hindu organization or Buddhists

In Myanmar, there is a sensational disclosure of the Rohingya terrorists who murdered Buddhists and Hindus. According to the news, the number of Rohingya refugees has reached about 10 lakhs in Bangladesh and the refugees coming from Myanmar are selling their young women for bonded wages. No Hindu organization has disclosed this to Rohingyas, but the UN has done it. After this disclosure of the United Nations, once again the world has become cautious about the Rohingyas.

The United Nations Immigration Agency (IOM) said that in the uneasy and frustrating of getting some money, the families are sending their daughters to work in an extremely dangerous environment. IOM says that two-thirds of the women and children who are trapped in this bonded labor, are taking advantage of the assistance from the United Nations in the Cox Market. About 10 percent of the girls and women are also victims of sexual harassment.

IOM says that despite the false promises of work and a better life, they do not seem to be very strict. Some victims are not aware of the dangers associated with them or they have become so disturbed by their circumstances that they do not feel anything harsh and are being sold to their daughters to get the money.


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