Russia is proving to be the biggest enemy of Muslims. So far, nearly 1 lakh Muslims have committed genocide in Syria.

In the context of the world’s aggressive attitude towards Islamic terror, the name of Israel and Russia is taken prominently. Russia is the answer to what Russia is a major enemy of Islamic extremism. Russia has massacred nearly 1 million Muslims so far in Syria. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shougu said in a forum during a forum in Singapore on Saturday that the Russian army killed about 88 thousand rebels during the three years since the intervention in Syria.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that at least 87,500 rebels have been killed during this campaign. With the release of 1,411 bastions from the occupation of rebels, 95 percent of Syria’s area has been freed. He said that most rebels have been eliminated. According to the UK based human rights organization, which oversees civil war in Syria, about 365,000 people have been killed during the seven-year civil war.

It is significant that in order to support the army of President Bashar al-Assad in September 2015, Russia had joined the Syrian civil war, with an attack on the rebels. Mr. Shoygue said that the Russian Air Force has targeted more than 40 thousand bomb attacks targeting 120,000 targets of rebels. The Russian Defense Minister said that the Syria army occupy 90 percent of the population in Syria. He said that Russia would continue its operations continuously in Syria until it completely expelled the rebels.

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