Sadly, on the demand of the population control law, the daily deterioration of the day, the health of Narasimhananda Saraswati ji

Sadly, on the demand of the population control law, the daily deterioration of the day, the health of Narasimhananda Saraswati ji. As well as the spread of public anger in the Hindu society

The last option of protecting Hindus by telling the population control law, with the logical data of the earliest, for the purpose of implementing it on the lines of China, the continuous hunger strike on the demand of the government, Narasimhaananda Saraswati ji’s 11 days passed But after this, the anger is spreading among his supporters after the government and administration have not improved their level at any level.And they say that the saints will be held responsible for any kind of untimely affair with Narasimhananda and will be given a proper answer to it …

Goddess Kali’s Siddha Peeth is the 11th anniversary of the death anniversary of the Constitution of the country’s national convenor, Yatishi Narasimhannand Saraswati ji Maharaj, Mahant of the Dasana Devi Temple, and the national convenor of the All India Saint Council, Ghaziabad. Today, suddenly, after a noon, his condition worsens. But not on the ears of any of the people of Shashan and administration, because of not crawling on their ears, not only their supporters but their fierce Hindutva V due to being spread outrage in many Hindu organizations which can take as another long run.

Mahant Yati Narasimhaanand ji himself believes that he is sitting on the demand of the most important law for the country, and this constitutional demand is not in any way wrong. His supporters also say that the demand of Mahant ji is in the interest of religion and country There is a demand that is the most effective in the country. All Hindus of the country are fully supportive of Swamiji’s displeasure. Tomorrow, demonstrations were performed at Jagor and Saharanpur, Nagpur, Rudrapur etc. Memorandum to Shaoos Tomorrow, a special memorandum will be given to Prasan and there will be performances.

Overall, this resentment is now coming out of Ghaziabad district at the regional level, which can lead to the formation of national movement due to political neglect. It is worth mentioning here that Mahant Yati Narasimhaanand ji has already got all the diseases They are battling and due to such a long hunger they are getting worse due to their physical condition, which can ever reach a fatal situation. The growing resentment in variation and are losing faith in the people on the other side of government.

In the past, a saint, Jnanesaruppa Sanand, was sitting on hunger strike, which had no effect on the government and he had sat his life in the sad days of 111 days in which there was a lot of darkness from the central government. Once again Almost the same situation seems to be rebuilt, which is not going to be noticed by any high official, which is not going to go ahead, not just the district administration, but the state government and the central government. That can be a big reason

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