Secular patiram had ever given his house to a Bangladeshi Zaheer in a city like Delhi. Finally, he was killed in the same house by Zaheer’s hands.

On one hand, Sudarshan News has always been warning against the threats arising from the Bangladeshi infiltrators for the protection of the country and raising voice against them, on the other hand, the so-called secular politics of the country, the enemies of the country have been standing in favor of these infiltrators is. This secular ideology of Dalit Patiram Kevat gave place to live near Bangladesh as his home, helped him, and today this help became the cause of his death. The Bangladeshi intruder was killed by Pahiram Khet, who was killed by Pashar Khan.

The case belongs to Jahangirpuri of the country’s capital Delhi. It is reported that Patiram lived with his family by putting a slum in Jahangirpuri. Shortly before, he gave place to live nearby Bangladeshi Zahir Khan to his slum. When Patiram’s family grew and Khair Khan even started eating food, he asked Khair Khan to vacate his place, and Khair refused.

In the morning, when Patiram went to talk about the evacuation to Zaheer Khan, obviously Khan got angry and attacked Patiram Khet and beat him up and beat him. Sudarshan has always warned the audience about this danger and today, Mr. Spear has proved the truth of Sudarshan’s case today. The pseudo-secularism plant that was prepared for the country’s so-called secular politicians and intellectuals for their selfish politics

It is now becoming a major threat to the security of Hindustan and Hindustan nationals, which is becoming a major threat, and this victim has become a victim of patriotism and was put on the side.


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