Seeing the police, the cow slaughtered the women ahead of the house, but finally the justice came. Everyone said- “Well Done ” Ayodhya Police”

This is the same pain, problem and condition that is being fought in Kashmir, our commander’s Brave Army. Even there the terrorists’ supporters of terrorists and terrorists sometimes come in prostitution, they sometimes make women ahead when they face defeat in front of them.

Criminals who do not dare to fight directly with the security forces of India, soldiers and police, have made women before this, their shield of hide, but they deserve to be applauded by our police and army personnel who are also in these odd circumstances. The new case has come to the faces of the traitors and their supporters facing this. In Uttar Pradesh’s earlier Faizabad and present Ayodhya district, where there is a maniac As soon as the police raided, they made the women forward and ran away with their own ropes …

But the police also followed the law with patience and fulfilled the ban on cow katan by arresting three women’s butchers. It is mentioned that Inspector Ranjan Manoj Kumar, on the information of cow smuggling in Bada Bhawan  Kasai Tola of Ayodhya district, Led by the police, the police raided.

The cabs kept the house locked from inside to confront the police, to confront the women. Even then the police remained firmly deployed and dispute between the police, the angry Soha Rohnah, neither Manoj Kumar Singh and Satichora Chaki Incharge Ram Naresh Verma called the women police and arrested three women, Rajia Khana and the officer, and Sabeha, for the dissolution of peace and sent to jail. And all the men were successful in the butcher’s escape.

The police say that the runaway casuines will be taken as soon as possible and full compliance with the law will be done in the area. This work of the Police is also highly appreciated in the local public. But this incident underlines all the opposite instances in which our young men and policemen protect the society.

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