Shamsher crossed all the limits of cruelty … if the woman was not found, she was crushed with a hammer, her innocent son. 

The horrors of Devbhumi Haridwar Rajmistri Shamsher were struck by the brutality of the day when he wounded a seven-year-old son of a wage worker woman with a hammer and killed him. According to the information, the mother of the mother used to do wages and Shamsher.

Wanted to talk to him, wanted to implicate him in love, but the woman was ignoring him. When Shamsher felt that the woman was not coming to her words, she furiously killed the woman’s innocent child with ruthlessness. The incident took place in Hatpur village of Siddul area last wadhwar.

According to the news, Mamta, a native widow of Lakhimpur Kheri, a resident of village Sonova station, has been hired in Navodi Nagar with her children. Mamta’s seven-year-old son, Tamin, was missing on Wednesday at 5.30 pm When the elder asked the elder son Naveen , he told that on Wednesday evening that he was returning home with Tamin, he had got Shamsher uncle. They gave him money to buy things.

He went to the shop to buy things and Tamin was stopped by them. After taking the cheese, he returned home. The woman searched for the son along with the people, but did not know anything. On late night, he informed the local police about the disappearance of the son and accused Shamsher of making the boy disappear.

CO Sadar Prakash Devli said that on Thursday, when the royal priest Shamsher son Yasin resident of village Gadhimpur Ranipur was interrogated in strict custody, he had talked about Kabula’s mother about Tommin and took Tamin in the under construction house to hammer With a sharp blow on the head, they killed him. By placing the dead body in plastic belt and buried under the anneck river bridge, buried. The CO said that the body of the innocent has been recovered on the trail of the accused.



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