Some people became frenetic while returning from Ijtima .. Trying to burn the train, the train driver ran away and saved his life. The question is, what education did you get there?

Recently, the religious program concluded in Bulandshahr, Ijtima was said that this program is organized for the purpose of peace, is organized for peace message. But the people who returned after joining Ijtima and spread the hysteria in Meerut, the question posed by the fact that what would have been taught to these people in Ijtima, or what did these people learn?

Let me tell you that while returning from Ijtima, some people became frenzied and tried to burn the train. The situation became such that the train driver had to escape and escape his life. According to the news, tribes returning from Ijtima in Bulandshahr tried to hand over the engine of Bulandshahr Special Train near Chandasara village in Meerut between Meerut-Hapur railway route. To protest, the loco beat the pilot. Loko Pilat saved his life after entering the guard compartment

The employees and police of the railway arrived at the spot to understand and calm the people. In order to facilitate the returning tribes from Ijtima organized in Bulandshahr, the Railways had run the Bulandshahr Special Train. The train left for Bulandshahar at 6.30 pm for Meerut. OHE (overhead electric wire) broke down at about 10 km from Kharkhoda, towards two kilometers of Meerut. Stopping the wire, the engine broke the pontoon, causing the train to stand.

After this the passengers in the train jerked. The crowd went to the loco pilot and asked to run the train immediately. Loco pilot told the compulsion to break the wire, after which the castes got ruckled. Loco pilot Dalchand Meena of the train told that he tried to convince the people, but they were getting excited and the scuffle started. They got bogged down on the engine and got bogged down. After this the crowd started attacking the engine and trying to set fire.

Loco pilot told that after scaring the menace of life, he ran from there and saved the life by entering the guard’s compartment. After this the climbers climbed the engine and tried to set fire. Pilots and guards gave information from the wireless to higher officials. After that the police, GRP, RPF and railway employees reached the spot, while the employees and officers of the railway’s electric department arrived on the spot and prevented the tribes from severely frantic popping up.


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