Sub inspector Pawan Kumar was shot at Idgah by the notorious criminal “arrangement” .

Yogi Adityanath’s UP police once again appeared in their own style when the Yogi police killed a notorious criminal arrangement during an encounter. The case is in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, where the criminal arrangement was running away from the shooting of all the inspector Pawan Kumar, but before he got a safe part, the guns of the Yogi started to rise and the criminal arrangement turned into a corpse.

Amroha’s Superintendent of Police Vipin Tada told that at around 2 am, the sub-inspector Pawan Kumar Pathak, AKC Anestabel Ankur Kumar, went missing from the police station in Kotwali area and at night the vehicle and vehicle were on checking duty. At the same time, the information was received that a vicious gangster named ‘Arrangam’ was standing on the street along with one of his companions on the road to Idgah and was about to carry out any crime. On this information, the police force reached the spot, and at some distance, the miscreant fired a fire which suddenly caught in the chest of Pawan Kumar Pathak and the miscreants escaped.

The injured sub inspector was admitted to the hospital for immediate treatment. After the incident, they issued the entire district high alert and all the police stations were directed to check for the arrest of the absconding scribe. Police Superintendent Tada said that Hasanpur was injured during the checking. The police surrounded those miscreants in Jagell near Deeppur village in the area. The miscreants started firing indiscriminately on the police party, in which constable Dhanuj Kumar posted on Hasanpur police station.

In the counter-firing of police, a crook named ‘Arrangam’ was injured on the spot while his accomplice was successful in fleeing. The police recovered one pistol, some cartridges from him. He told that the injured reserve and the miscreant were admitted to the hospital for treatment. Where the injured miscreant arrangements were killed in the encounter during the treatment. The police is looking for absconding miscreants.

It is worth noting that 18 accused have been registered in different police stations of Amroha, for the kidnapping, murder, robbery, robbery, attempt to murder, arms act, gangster act etc. The resident of ‘A’category was a resident of Kheda Aparola village in Naugawa area and police station.

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