Tanushree Datta is a boy from inside, she raped me … Bollywood actress’s statement.

After being accused of sexually assaulting actor Nana Patekar by Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta, now she herself is accused of raping Tanushree Dutta herself. Let us tell you that Tanuishree Datta is a lesbian who raped my daughter Rakhi Sawant, who is known for her famous and controversial statements known as Drama Queen and she raped me.

Rakhi Sawant, while holding a press conference accusing Tanu Shree Dutta of defaming Bollywood, said Tanushree is promoting #METoo by taking money while she herself has raped herself. During the press conference, Rakhi Sawant said – I want to run #SheToo movement now. Rakhi Sawant said – In front of the world, I am going to tell the truth that I kept hidden for 12 years. Tanushree Dutta repeatedly raped me. Now you guys might be thinking how a girl can do this with another girl.

Let me tell you that she is a lesbian. He used to take me to the Rev Party. Drugs used to take things themselves, and many times cigarettes were taken out of tobacco by mixing something in it. He threw me all this forcibly. Rakhi Sawant further said – ‘She was my best friend 12 years ago. Rakhi Sawant said that I was a Nadan and I did not know all the things. Rakhi Sawant said that only girls do not do misdeeds, girls also do.

He said that even if Tanushree Datta is a woman to appear from outside, she is a man inside and Tanushree repeatedly raped me. Rakhi Sawant said that she did not want to do all this, but Tanushree has started it. “She started doing Me, I am doing SheToo. With this, Rakhi said – ‘When Tanushree tells him lower class, he will make a case of defamation of Rs 50 crore on him.

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