The 6-year-old child was went  to give  water to 80 years old Jamaluddin in the holy place,  … but the purity was in the child’s heart only.

80-year-old Jamaluddin asked water from that innocent person, then he went to give it water at the sacred place but did not return after that. In fact, Jamaluddin summoned the innocent to demand water, and then rape him with cruelty in a ruthless way, Crushed under the feet of Here the question arises that after all what is the thinking which women understand as a means of eradicating the hunger of their lust and cross all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill their lust?

After all, what kind of thinking is that which is a victim of a bad humanity who is a victim of a mad mentality, where women of your mother’s age are also made, even then there are even innocent young girls? Do people like Jamaluddin deserve to be called human, who has made a living with a 6-year-old girl and crushed her childhood? The matter is of Atta Kothra village of Mewat in Haryana. Police said that the child was playing outside the house with other children in the village. During this time a man asked him to bring a glass of water.

Because the child used to remain near the accused’s house, she knew him. According to the neighbors, the accused often used to share toffee and sweets in children. Police informed that on the day the girl’s parents went to the relatives of Faridabad. During this, the accused was also alone in his house. With the help of the old man, she reached the water, but she did not return. The family returned home at six o’clock in the evening, the child was not in the house. They started searching for the baby in the neighborhood.

During the research, the child in the neighborhood heard the voice of the mother crying and crying for help. The mother reached the accused’s house after listening to her crying voice. Forcibly opened the door and allegedly caught the criminals with their hands. In the case, the victim’s father said, “The wife and I had relatives in the morning. The child was alone in the house. The accused called her from the house and took her home. Raped her. ‘Inspector Sanjay Kumar said that the case has been registered against the accused under section 452, 506 and Poxo Act of IPC. He has confessed his crime, after which he was sent to judicial custody for 15 days.

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