The allegation of the struggle of Sabarimala on the Sangh … a lot says the Chief Minister’s statement.

The voice which was raised by Sudarshan News prominently and opposed the court laws in the Divine Laws, now the Congress and the leftists have started to emerge against that voice and have started to say the struggle of the Hindus directly to the Sangh’s struggle. . However, in this case, now the Hindu society is ready to go against any court order, but it is not taking seriously the matter of any political party.

Right now, the matter has come in the statement of the Chief Minister of Kerala in which he has directly blamed the Sangh, the Union. It is known that now the issue of existence and prestige for Hindus has begun in the case of Sabarimala, politics and now it has come to this issue. The very strange statement of Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan. He has told the National Self RSS Association RSS behind the protest against the entry of women in Sabarimala temple which has become a highly controversial issue

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Vijayan said that the Kerala government and the police tried to implement the order of the Supreme Court but the RSS has made the Sabarimala Temple a war zone. He said that the RSS spoiled the atmosphere so much that there were things like killing women, attacking police and stone pelting on trains of women journalists who had never been in Kerala. In Sabirimala temple, women from ten to fifty years old were not allowed to go.

The Supreme Court dismissed the ban on the entry of women by believing it was a mistake. After the court order, the doors of the temple were opened last week for five-day worship. However, when some women tried to enter the temple after opening the temple, some organizations and people of the temple protested strongly against it and did not let any women go in for visas.

The Congress has also tried to support this statement of Vijayan somewhere and in Kerala, Congress and other opposition parties say that this decision is not correct and the customs of the temple should not be changed. The RSS people are also protesting against the entry of women in the temple. They also say that the Kerala government will appeal against the court verdict. At the same time the government says that if the Supreme Court has allowed women to enter, then it is the duty of the government to follow that order.

However, because of open interference in the matters of Shriram’s birthplace Ayodhya to the Padmanabhan temple, why not make such decisions in case of any other opinion or religion, Sudarshan News has raised this issue prominently in Bindas Bol and Jansansad ¬†and motivate audience for answer.

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