The Aslam itself was driven by the bike itself by showing humanity to the devout police who had reached the hospital. But a stunned charge on the same police..

There is a continuation of baseless allegations on the police of Uttar Pradesh who are famous for their fairness and dutiful and judicial image in the present time. Sometimes the allegation of Bijnor’s soldier Kamal Shukla is found to be false, sometimes Chadausi’s Chauki Incharge Harpal Singh is baseless allegations. Sometimes the allegations of Jaunpur’s Shanti Mithalesh Kumar are baseless allegations, and Bareily Police is sometimes set up in a frenetic courtroom.

But in the midst of it, if the police of some of the targets are on target, it is the police of Aligarh who refused to bow down under any pressure from any criminal in any form. Aligarh Police’s fair working style did not come to the attention of many, and they never wanted to do unnecessary politburo, but they wanted to backfire them with false reports or allegations. But the people knew all the truth and the Aligarh police continued to do their work.

It is known that Aligarh police, who have given fear to the society by killing the sadhu’s assassins directly in the encounter, has repeatedly shown the human nature and after seeing the police during the checking, a person running away after being unbalanced, all the work He took him to the hospital and immediately made the medical arrangements. But Aslam had been ill for a long time and the police and the doctors had to face Aslam even after all the efforts. Less addressed could not be.

The condition of Aslam was informed by the police at the time of the incident and after the postmortem, the body of Aslam was handed over to him. Even till all things were going well and the common man was the leniency of the Civil Lines Police Station in Aligarh. Humanity was appreciating .. But controversy arose due to a conspiracy conspiracy in this case suddenly. Some people began to make allegations that the police slapped Aslam, causing her to die.

It is a ridiculous charge to slap the life of that Aslam which was running a bike and was passing many shocks and pits on the way. It is not enough to slap the police, remove anyone, abuse others etc. There are no proofs. The verbal accusers are almost the same people who were invading some time ago against the team that killed the killers of Saint.

But here is the character of praise, the functioning of Aligarh Police is still on the jurisdiction even after so many baseless allegations and many attempts are being made for the crime free Aligarh. At present, those accused or those who are attacking, have no solid evidence of any kind that confirms a little bit of allegations against the Civil Lines Police, But protecting the society is awake by night and making such allegations against the police force fighting with terror also can not be considered suitable for the construction of a healthy society somewhere.

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