The challenge of religious fanatics to the goddess devotees in Yogi power … gruesome stones and fire in Kashmiri style

After the end of Navaratri, the holy festival of Mother Adashakti, during the immersion of Mother’s statue, Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh got the horror of religious fanatics. On many occasions across the state, the frenzied attacked the devotees of Mata Durga during the immersion, arson, violence and assault.

Even in Sultanpur, a case of arson and stone pelting occurred in the fire that took place in Durga statue immersion, where frenzy ransacked in many trains and looted itself in many shops of arson. The case belongs to the Kurorhad police station of the district. People from Nevari village, Dhodhwa and Chak Mardani villages were going out of Dewagram to immerse them with the Navy intersection. Meanwhile, the people of Nevari village asked for a way to overcome Dhodhava people, but the potters stopped the way.

When the devotees of the mother demanded to open the path, the frenzy of the Nevari village was fierce. After this people of Chak Mardani village also came to support the people of Nevari village and attacked the devotees of the mother, started stoneing in the Kashmiri style and the matter got furious. Some of the cars were destroyed by frenzied where many houses were handed over to the fire.

It was told that chaos increased to such an extent that lots of shops were looted. Due to the police’s absence, lots of people were injured and dozen people were injured. When the police and officers of several police stations reached the spot, the situation was over and control was over. Officials started immersion of the statue. Given the tension, heavy police force had to be deployed in the area.

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