The deepest conspiracy of the fundamentalists to bring down the image of India in the world. The French connection of the French terrorist attack, the French police arrived in the southern province of Kerala ruled in Jail in connection with Haza Moidin..

While on one hand India has been trying to improve its image abroad and increase its credentials with all its diplomacy, at the same time, some fundamentalist elements of India are becoming a stigma against India. For some time, with the intention of joining ISIS, some religious fanatics who had fled abroad had done India’s roles around the world and were killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

But now the connection of terrorist attacks to Europe has begun to connect with India, including the attacks in France that have fought terror, which shook the world and forced such individuals as Donald Trump to speak in this matter.It is worth noting that after all the efforts of the Government of India, India’s relations with France were not only normal but also mellow; the efforts to squeeze into it were politically done through the Rafael Deal, but now more serious A connection has come from Kerala to the terrorist attack in Paris, France’s capital.

According to the news agency, a team of French investigators has reached Kochi in Kerala where he will interrogate two terrorists close to Jail, Jasim and Haza Moeedeen, whom they can get some important clues in the Paris terror attack. This team of French investigators has come to India from a special aircraft where they will submit evidence of Paris’s ISIS attacker investigating the connections of both the terrorists locked in the same ideology of India. In the Paris terror attack in the year 2015, 130 are absolved People were killed

Both of these terrorists were arrested by the NIA in India while their triple connections were found by the terrorists Osman Ghani, a terrorist from the Lashkar-e-Toiba. These terrorists were also operating a terrorist camp in Kanakmal, Kerala, ruled by the Left, There was no news about the administration. Not only that, some of the locals were also opposed to the arrest of their jawans, whereas on one side in Kerala, a Hindu leader A. had been killed Kkin is scheduled Viur both inquiries Kerala in prison ..court  has also given permission for interrogation of these two questions which will be done in the presence of NIA. Right now, for this very important question, permission has been given for 3 days. Currently, in this case, leftists and intellectuals have kept quiet silence.


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