The disturbing elements try to destroy Noida… The statues of Lord Shiva, Mother Sita and Hanuman ji were broken in the temple of Deepawali.

When the whole country was celebrating Diwali in the joy of coming back to Ayodhya of Lord Sriram, mother Sita, Lord Laxman ji, Ayodhya was plotting to transform this moment of some frenzy happiness into bloodstream. The case belongs to Noida, which is adjacent to the national capital of Delhi, where the Greater Noida jewelery was heard next morning in Deepawali, which created an atmosphere of resentment throughout the area. Lord Ram and his family’s idol were demolished in a temple in Javor area on the night of Deepawali.

According to the news, anti-social elements broke the statue of Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Hanuman in the Sitaram temple of Ganeshi village on the night of Diwali (7th November) of Jewelery. It has been told that anti-social elements broke the feet and head of Lord Rama’s statue. Hanuman ji broke the neck of the idol and simultaneously broke the hands of Mother Sita. Not only this, all idols of the Ram family present in the temple were scarred.

The incident came to light when the priest of the temple reached there on Thursday morning at 4 a.m. Seeing the temple and statues, the priest informed the villagers. Slowly this talk spread to the surrounding villages and hundreds of Ralphs gathered and started performing. The police calmly calm down the people.

The police administration has explained to the people that they will set up a new statue in the temple but local residents demand that the idol will be installed on its own but those who are accused will be arrested as soon as possible.


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