The factor which was declared to be the bearer of the death of Khan.

This disclosure in it will prove to be a conspiracy behind Gautama In the Cow Smuggler parichu Khan massacre case in Rajasthan, the fears of the conspiracy were already being heard, the apprehensions are turning into reality. Tell you that you should tell that Aswar Khan will file a case against Khan’s sons and relatives for lodging a false case in the firing case over the murder witnesses.

The Alwar police has examined the matter and presented the final report. It has been said in the report that no firing has been done in any way anywhere on the sons and relatives of Parveen Khan and the falsity has been registered by these people. Significantly, Parveen Khan’s sons and relatives, who came to give evidence in the court on Saturday, had approached Alwar SP and filed a lawsuit that, while coming to give testimony, at the National Highway No. 8 on the 9th-4th on the black SUV Some people come from and stopped by overtaking the carriage. At first, the accused threatened and abused him. After that he also firing on them. Asad Khan’s son Irsad Khan and Arif Khan had said that on the day of the incident, both brothers were riding in the carriage. Ajmat Khan, Rafiq Khan and his lawyer Asad Hayat were also present in the car along with them in the murder case. After the matter came to light, social organizations across the country protested against the fact that Hindu organizations attacked the witnesses.

Now in this case new disclosures have been made that there was no firing on the witnesses and a false story was fabricated under a conspiracy. After the case came to light, Alwar SP had sent a team to investigate Neemrana and around the road. Where all the CCTV footage was examined. Along with the records of vehicles that were loaded there were also taken. Black color SUV was not visible anywhere on the way in the investigation.

Police say that all the CCTV cameras were examined in the place where it has been told to be firing, but no black SUV has seen anywhere passing by that way. In such a case, the Alwar police will file a false case against the witnesses of the murder case and register a case of rioting in the country. Alwar SP Rajendra Singh says that relatives have lodged a wrong case, so a case will be lodged against them in filing FIR and lodging a false case against them.


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