The Muslim leader also blamed the deobandi, saying, “The Muslim leader is a traitor and a terrorist!”

The birthplace of Ayodhya Shriram is not any Babar, so the structure of the Babri Masjid on the holy and holy land of India is a stigma. In Ayodhya, there will be no Babri mosque but Shriram Temple will be built. This is to say that Sayyid Waseem Rizvi, chairman of the Muslim thinker and Shia Waqf Board

Devbadi Ulema has become furious after the structure of the Babri Masjid is described as a stigma by Wasim Rizvi and he has termed Wasim Rizvi as a traitor and a terrorist. Devbandhi Ulema said that Wasim Rizvi is the country’s biggest traitor and the biggest terrorist. The government should restrain the tongue of this person to maintain peace in the country.

On Friday, Maulana Mustafa, president of All India Milli Tanjim al-Faiz, said that the statements made by Wasim Rizvi over the Babri Masjid are utterly wrong. Such a statement can only be given by a madman. He said that a man who is not well-intentioned and without sense, such a man is not only a traitor of the country but also the biggest terrorist of the country

Maulana Mustafa said that the person who spoils the country’s atmosphere, tries to spoil the peace of the country, hurt the hearts of the people of the country, and those who believe in any religion or the religious places of any religion are bad He is the country’s biggest terrorist traitor. He said that against such a person, Hindus must strictly take strict action against Hind and should put an end to their tongue.

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