The news of the disappearance of sant Gopaldas for 4 months for mother Ganga. Even before this, Professor GD Aggarwal has been unhappy over this issue.

Mother Ganga be clean, stay clean and stay seamless. Even before its demand, the central government has been on the target of those who believe in the tradition of ecstasy, on which now even more big questions have arisen, when the news of the sudden disappearance of the famous Gautam Sant Satgur Gopal Das, Where this news shocking is disturbed by the Ganga devotees, then the political parties have also taken the central government on its target in this matter.

This issue has also become more sensitive because only recently, renowned environmentalist Professor Agarwal had also sacrificed his life for fasting for 112 days from the central government for Mother Ganga. Even a letter was shown by the Man man party. In which Sant Gopaldas seems to be writing that the central government is troubled by his fast and wants to remove him from Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal has directly linked this incident to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, telling them all about these developments. When he came to meet Gopaldas from Rishikesh to Delhi AIIMS, when his father Shamsher reached, he woke up in the ward on Wednesday morning. Did not come. After which the father informed the police about the disappearance of Saint Gopaldas. Later, Saint Gopal Das was asked once to send to a hospital in Dehradun and for the second time he was sent to Bhopal AIIMS.

When father Shamsher, who came to meet him, got information about the disappearance of Gopal Das, he asked questions from AIIMS management, but officials and doctors did not provide any information about this. There was a ruckus over this issue till late night, after which Father Shamsher gave written complaint to the police. At the same time, the Delhi Police say that they have not received any complaint, as far as Sant Gopaladas is concerned, then the police have information about him being referred to Bhopal AIIMS . In this whole case, there are currently situations of upheaval and waiting for any clarity


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