Rajasthan’s “Pink City” recognised as world Heritage site by UNESCO

In the 43rd UNESCO meeting at Azerbaijan’s capital Baku a committee consisting of 21 members have declared the wall city of Jaipur,as  World Heritage Site, its a proud as well as economical movement for India as  getting a tag from the UNESCO will attract the tourist world wide. The make the moment even more prestigious Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot express their happiness on twitter. In 2018 when the former cultural minister Mahesh Sharma was asked in the Lok sabha about the monuments in India that generate revenue, he presented a report, according to which Taj Mahal, Agara Fort, Qutub Minar , Red Fort and Humayaun’s tomb were claimed to generate most of the revenues by attracting the Tourist.


According to the reports of WTTC, India is the world’s 7th largest Tourism economy in terms of GDP, despite in it’s minimal potential. NITI Aayog reports says that only 1.18% international tourists visit India which has been aimed to increase up to 3% in the coming 5 years by focusing on tourism friendly environment, women safety and recognising more cultural heritages upon UNESCO platform. The UNESCO meeting is yet continue till 10th July 2019, so there is still some hope that some more monuments of India can be recognised as World Heritage Sites. The UNESCO also tagged Germany’s 800 year old water management system of  Augsburg, Iran’s Hyrican Forest , China’s Migratory Bird sanctuaries and many other sites as World Heritage Site. China has the most number of World Heritage site up to 55 while India have only 38 that is expected to grow in the 5 coming years. we leave you with an interesting fact upon how the city Jaipur also got a second name The Pink City, In the year 1876 Prince of wales and Queen Victoria visited India, for the sake of hospitality  the Maharaja Ram Singh coloured the whole city Pink, after which being astonished by the colour, pink almost all over the city Lord Albert for the first time coined the second name of Jaipur as “THE PINK CITY”

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