The saffron flag fired on Durga Puja then flared up the religious frenzied .. the rainbow in the Kashmiri style .. incident # Yogiraj’s

After all, what is the thinking that describes itself as the greatest contractor of so-called secularism, but does the non-religious festival take place on the life of those who celebrate?

After all, what is the thought that says that the Constitution gives you the right to live according to religion but when no non-religious person performs his religious activities then can not afford it? The question is whether this thinking is not the biggest reason for creating social barbarism? Is not this suppression of communal harmony due to this thinking?

This frenzied, aggressive thinking of Yogi Adityanath ruled the Paniera area of ​​Maharajganj in Uttar Pradesh when religious fanatics attacked a saffron flag for the Durga Pooja and started rocking in Kashmiri style, in which many people Got hurt According to the received message, some villagers were raising a saffron flag on a square about the arrival of Navratri in the Bargadwa village council.

There was a flag on the other side of the other community. A woman in the village started abusing the person who used the flag, whose flagging people protested. This small controversy took a big look at the sight of the people and in the protest against the flagging, the frenzied attacked and the fierce foul-mouthed people on the rocks started stoning from their roofs.

Sources said that after getting information of brick and stone among the two communities, heavy police force reached the village on the spot and took charge. Police detained several people and took custody of about six people for stalking, brick and attacking the peacemakers. He said that the villagers have been appealed to maintain peace. As a precaution, the police force is deployed in the village. Every suspect is being monitored.

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