The social media had made the place of obscenity against women, especially Rashik.

Rafiq, the well-known leader of the stunning Yadav who had marched on the birth centenary for women’s honor, had made social media the place of obscenity against women. If Rafiq looks at a woman’s photo on Facebook, then obscenity starts spreading.

The matter is from Nalanda of Bihar, where the Rajgir police station arrested RJD leader Rafiq Alam for making obscene comments on Facebook post and tampering with the woman. Police filed a case of rape, indecent remarks and assault on Rafiq Alam and sent them to jail. Rafiq is the city president of RJD from Rajgir. Allegations that Rafiq Alam used to go along with the woman to flirt with a white kurt and flirt with her.

Actually, a young woman from Rajgir constructed a rakhi for her brother who had spoken on the occasion of Rakshabandan and posted that picture on Facebook. After this, RJD leader Rafiq Alam had commented on this photo, which was obscene. Not only this, the accused RJD leader also seduced the victim’s wife. After this incident, the girl lodged a complaint in the local police station. After this, the police arrested Rafiq Alam through the Facebook ID and sent Rafiq into custody and sent him to jail.

The victim said, ‘I used to ring my mouth with a Hindu brother Rakhi and posted his photo on Facebook. On this Rafiq Alam started making a bad comment. When I complained to the police, he threatened not only kill me but also tampered with me. It is being told that the RJD President of Rajgir Nagar, Rafiq Alam, was arrested by the police from Makhdum Kund


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