False narrative is the ultimate tool of Fake Liberals and Seculars to achieve their agenda

Nowadays there have been an atmosphere been created by the fake self-claimed Liberals and secular people on the basis of false narrative to fulfil their role to hollow their country from inside,generate sympathy towards terrorists, accusing Indian Army as rapist and all above poisoning the young minds of our country in such away that they tend to feel ashamed upon being an Indian. There is a need today to recognise these fake liberals and secular as they remain quite upon the incidents like stone pedalling and destroying the 100 years old Durga Mandir in Chandani Chowk at New Delhi as it doesn’t fit their agenda, it would be also a waste of time to expect the some concern as according to their  incidents too.

Four and a half years later in Delhi elections all of a sudden six back to back attacks upon churches pop up from different areas of Delhi, and thus these fake liberals started to spread a fake narrative that under  B.J.P government these incidents are carrying out, following which many protests started for the same in and around the parts of the Delhi. the incidents and the reason of those incidents are as follows.

  • St. Sebastain church catches fire mysteriously for which an Special Investigation Team was set up immediately,
  • At Jasola, Delhi an incident against stone peddlers was filed, but later it was founded that some children were playing outside of the church due to which a single window pane was broken
  • At Rohini a Christmas chub suddenly caught fire later it was founded that an electric shot-circuit was behind for that incident
  • At Vikaspuri, some group of men tried to vandalise a church later it was founded that it was done under Drunken Dares by few men who accept their crime
  • A thief report was also filed in which around eight thousand cash were missing, in 2014, 30 Gurudwaras, 206 Temples and 3 churches same report were filed and doesn’t contained any angle, until it reached in the hands of Fake liberals and seculars

after the Delhi elections these news suddenly went away quietly as opposite to which it was introduced. this shows that how much this people are corrupt and can go to any extend to to spread their agenda plus giving terrorism colour and belongings of Hindu groups. Hence there is an need to be aware of such fake people and especially to be away from their poisonous fake narrative.


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