Those who say “National Disaster” to the chilli powder have declared the rocks on the soldiers as “Mischief like children’s “

Once again, in the discussion, politics of India .. If the attack of a chilli powder first activated the Delhi government, then after this, trying to capture the neck of the central government through this medium .. According to the leader ji The attack was deadly and the twitching took place and it was decided to defer the guilty policemen, who has lost the time without taking the person into custody and started questioning questions.

The questions are also standing on how to reach a safe place at a highly secured site, while the attacks on the Parliament of this country and the blasts of Mumbai’s stock market were adopted to screw up the politics bets. Politics more red than hot and chillies reminded the soldiers of the country’s defense by protecting the integrity of the country..The warriors who are in the number of 2 or 4 and they have 4 thousand Area gives surround much of the crowd began to pierce the stones.

At that time, there was a determination to protect Bharat Mata’s Anan Mann Shan. The warrior is fighting on two fronts. Chests on the chest and stones on the back .. But more than two dozes of pain and suffering, the same young man and the pain Looking at the pill or the back is more painful than the stones. The third pain is that the young man’s ears were in the ears of the leaders in which the anti-India, Pakistan slogan Children and innocent words are used for crowded people who are born to life.

Not only this, by self-defense, if there is any injury to that frenzied crowd in the hands of those soldiers, then the so-called leaders sitting in Delhi are able to prove that heroic enemy of the country whose uniform is a symbol of self respect for India. Most of these white collars are those who have come to Dubai, but Kupwara, Shopian, Kishtwar are in what direction they will not know properly.

At present, hope is expected from all the intellectuals in politics, even if Delhi’s chillies declare themselves as a national calamity but do not blame the morale of the nation’s survival warriors. Do not address them with words like ‘Thula’ Instead of the Batla terrorists, remembering the sacrifice of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, shed tears. Instead of going to Dubai, instead of going to Dubai, Anantnag, Naushera, Kargil Go to not close look legitimate position at which they are issued a statement from Delhi ..

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