“You are not just mine but my father also has the same right” … 

For his father-in-law, his daughter-in-law is like a daughter-in-law daughter, but the father-in-law of both of them wanted to erase their lust. The husband of both Muslim sisters also told him that as much as I am entitled to, the same thing is also for Abbu. But when both of them did not accept the sisters, they were given three divorces and after this, the pressure of halala with father-in-law was made. After this, both the sisters demanded action against the police for lodging the complaint.

The matter is from the village of Bulandshahr Kotwali country in Uttar Pradesh. The father of the victims told in Tahtir in Kotwali country that their two daughters had been married with two brothers and sisters living in the Dhamada haunted area. The allegation is that after the marriage, the father-in-law started keeping a false proposition on both the daughters. Along with tampering, he also tried to misbehave with both the daughters. On the protest of daughters, they beat them with their wives and sons and got them out of the house.

It is alleged that on October 20, two sons-in-law came to her house and divorced both the daughters. The accused also beat up both the women and went away threatening. He said that in the past, both the son-in-law returned home and pressurized him to make hilal with his father, telling him to marry again. Both daughters refused to laugh with father-in-law.

On the evening of November 19, an accused son-in-law entered the house and attempted forcibly physical relations with his daughter. On denial, the accused attacked his daughter and escaped with a child from the house. After leaving the boy, the accused son-in-law returned home and beat his daughter with obscenity. The victim filed a report from the countryside and demanded action against the accused.

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