To become the leader of the Muslim countries in Turkey and Iran, to become the world’s first to destroy America.

Two Islamic countries of the world are competing for the leadership of the Islamic world between Iran and Turkey. Both the countries are trying to show that they are the greatest leaders of the Islamic world and are in the forefront. Although Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the center of the Islamic world, continues the conflict between the two countries. In the meanwhile, Iran has urged Muslims from all over the world to come together to destroy America.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called for Muslims all over the world saying that he was one against the US. With this, the Iranian President has said the people of Saudi Arabia as ‘brothers’ and said that they do not have to fear Tehran. It is noteworthy that US President Donald Trump announced the coming out in May with a historic nuclear agreement between major powers in 2015 and imposed a wide-ranging ban on Iran in unilateral way. After this there is a panic in the US and Iran.

Rouhani said at the Islamic Integration Conference, “Today America wants that West Asia be enslaved.” With this, the Iranian President stating Israel as cancerous tumor, instead of laying the red carpet for criminals, The area’s cancer lump should be ‘one against Israel’. Let us tell you that from Iran’s Sunni competing Saudi Arabia with Shiite majority, he said that he would stop taking ‘abusive’ American aid.

Rouhani said, “We are ready to protect the interests of Saudi people from terrorism and excessive powers from their full potential.” Not only that, they said, “We do not want 450 billion US dollars for this and will not insult you. ‘Riyadh broke its diplomatic relations with Tehran in January 2016.

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