UP continues in the massacre of sadhus .. Another priest of the temple of Kosi Kalan, now targeted.

In Uttar Pradesh, Hindu priests, temple priests are not taking names of the massacre, and murders are being carried out in different manner from different parts of the state in the manner of Talibani, ISIS, in a brutal manner. This time the target is made of Yogeshwar Lord Sri Krishna’s town, Kosikal of Mathura, where a sensation spread in the area after receiving the body of a sadhu in a temple. The body of the monk went with a sharp weapon.

It appears to him that the killers killed him viciously. On receiving the information about the incident, the police arrived at the spot and took the body into the possession and sent it to the post-mortem. At the same time the case has been investigated. The mamala is situated in a gorgeous garden near the Gopal Nagar (railway line) of the Baldevgunj area. There is a temple in the garden there. In which there was a monk named Kamaldas alias Bhabbo for service worship.

Since Saturday morning people were coming like this everyday in this garden, but when Baba was not seen, people saw him in his cottage, where the body of a sadhu was lying in the blood. People informed the incident to the police. When the police arrived at the spot and looked inside the room, the sadhu was lying dead. The crooks struck with a sharp weapon on their body. Seeing the chance A waradat, it seems that the miscreants killed him with great ruthlessness. A knife has also been recovered from the spot.The reason behind the murder is not yet known. Police is investigating this incident. The people around are being questioned.

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