Wanted to establish the kingdom of Jesus in Andaman, the Christian preacher who has spawned the tribals with arrows..

There is a sensational disclosure about John Allen, the American Christian converter who killed in tribal attacks in Andaman. It is learned that Christian converts John Allen wanted to establish Jesus’ empire in Andaman. But before that he could succeed in his cause, the tribals killed him. Notes written by John Allen show that he is hoping to establish the kingdom of Jesus on the island.

Notes show that he was confused with the aggressive responses of the tribal tribe, while he wanted to show that he was very good for them. According to Dipendra Pathak, Director General of Police in Andaman and Nicobar, the 27-year-old Alabama resident who was identified as John Allen was killed last week by fishermen after illegally crossing it.

According to sources, Alan’s handwritten notes have been received by John, who had given a fisherman two passes to pass the sea, which said that he had taken a cache, security pin and football to give gifts to the tribals. DGP Deepender Pathak of Andaman Nicobar said on Thursday that 4 people have been sent to judicial custody in connection with the murder and 3 accused have been sent to police custody for 7 days. They will be examined. Allen’s journal will also be analyzed.

A police team is being sent to Northern Sentinel Island. One source said that Allan wrote that “some of the tribals are very good, some of them are very aggressive.” I am very good for them, yet they are angry and aggressive. Allen wrote that he wants to establish the kingdom of Jesus in the island. … Allen wrote that Blag has certainly inspired Jesus in my life and I hope that I will establish Jesus’ empire there.

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