“Wasim is a very good gym trainer, my daughter goes to the gym there”

Now the same Wasim ran away with his daughter Religion does not mean anything to me. I believe in humanity. Wasim is a very good gym trainer and I send my daughter to the gym center at the same time. His minor daughter went to Wasim’s gym center and he was happy to see his daughter’s fitness. Then it happened that he did not even have an idea.

As soon as his daughter became a legend .. Jam Trainer Wasim escaped with his daughter. The case is related to Roorkee’s civil lines in Kotwali area. When the girl’s father informed the workers of Hindu organizations, they reached Kotwali and demanded the arrest of the accused soon. The police has registered a case of abduction against the accused gym operator

According to the information received from the police, the Civil Lines, Wasim Jim Dharmar, a resident of Dhandera, located in Kotwali area. On Wednesday, he escaped with a colony resident of the village located near the village. Upon reaching the house till the late evening of the girl, relatives searched the village and took information from her friends. Meanwhile, the families came to know that the woman has been seen with Wasim for the last time. When the family reached his house, he disappeared.

After this, the young woman’s relatives reached Kotwali and accused Tahsin of abducting Wasim on Tahir. Kotwali in-charge Amarjeet Singh said that on the basis of Tahrir, he has registered a case of abduction against Wasim. Police say that a police team has been sent to Nainital to look for both of them. Soon the young woman will be recovered. On the other hand, there is tension in the village when the matter is connected to two communities. Given the tension, the police officers are getting information from time to time.

Apart from this there is no disturbance, the subordinates have been instructed to keep alert. According to the police, the case of kidnapping of a young woman has been registered. She has grown up two days ago. This fact came out when the police took information from the family about the girl. Meanwhile, in connection with the abduction of the girl, the police is investigating the call details of accused Wasim’s mobile. Is also interrogating his family

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