Why are the people of Lucknow captain Kalanidhi Nathani being victimized for propaganda? While the graph of data and the public’s point of view says something else.

His career has been untested, he has always tried to be the rule of law at the top wherever he lives. Everyone below him, whether the leader, the actor, the bureaucrat or any other .. How could the people who broke the law could come to this point .. initially thought that it is new, will manage it .. But when all efforts fail After all, he started a reverse turn and took the aim of the officer whose police career was not only but his personal life is also immaculate.

Yes, this is going on, the current senior superintendent of Lucknow, Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, should be in every class of the society, while speaking about the crime of attacking the police. Only change. For the past few years, he is being targeted by the group of media under the thoughtful strategy. In this case even if someone has a word but pain is a sign of someone else. Those paints are hiss, whose black adventures have stopped, That pain belongs to him whose illegal business has been stalled.

Those sufferings are those who do not understand themselves above the law. After all, he adopted the rule of offense is best defence and took some of his loyalists along with the attackers to Kalanidhi Nathani.

If only the rising crime, if the SSP of Lucknow was being circumvented on the statute of law, it would have seemed to be somewhere ideological and logical, but when the words of protest were “special of the yogi” or “rule of governance” Words such as “grace” can be added, it is enough to understand itself that all words are inspired by politics that can not bear the pressure of the bureaucracy .

Even a regime wants that the law system in its governed area is maintained and the atmosphere of peace prevails, the officer applying this will not only own the government but also the public will be dear to him, what is bad in it and The government has to estimate the purpose of making this good achievement a bad statement. Now the matter is related to the crime which is related to the crime. In Lucknow, under the leadership of Kalanidhi Nathani 2 incidents were mainly made national news.

The first soldier was robbed by the Pacific by shooting Apple’s manager and killing another Axis bank guard. Both these incidents were properly disclosed and proper action was taken along with the arrest of the culprits at the right time. The party was satisfied with the proceedings of the police, but the non-appeasement of dissent was dissatisfied and she continued her protest. Besides, if seen then Lucknow The trader and the general public continued to breathe in relief and no big crime was allowed to go on.

Yes, many of the big culprits were buried in the meantime, which was not mentioned, perhaps deliberately …

The biggest achievement is taking communal tension in old Lucknow. During the tenure of most of the police captains, there was ever Shia-Sunni tension in old Lucknow, and sometimes Hindu-Muslim clashes. But during the tenure of Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, old Lucknow was relatively quiet and Being cordial, for sure, Kalanidhi ji is eligible for Saharan and hope that these figures will also be watching the rule

The businessman of Lucknow is doing his business today, and he is doing his business today, and besides the government tax, there has been no end to the practice of ‘goultax’ etc. For this, governance and administration is worthy of praise … In many districts of the state, policemen were attacked and the credibility of the police Giri did not allow such a tight administration in Lucknow.

Often many police officers have been seen breaking and tilting under the pressure of a big so-called leader, but the leader of the opposition party, the Opposition in the Lucknow capital, SSP Mr. Kalanidhi ji made all these cases in harmony and his skillful work style. is . It is hoped that they will not be victimized by the trial of a particular class of media and by observing their actions and crime figures, the government and the people will reach any conclusion …

Regardless of the motive behind all these discussions, however, literal and political attacks on the morale of the police fighting together with terror and crime can not be said in terms of security and peace of any country or region.


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