Congress Shows a map without showing kashmir in their mentality those statement were told by Jawaharlal Nehru

Those wounds are still fresh in the minds of the people of Hindustan when there were fragments of Bharatmata in the time of Independence during the time of leaders like Nehru etc. Apart from this, another wound was given to Hindustan when only half of Kashmir was captured by Pakistan in the reign of Nehru.

Now once again the Congress Party has seen its own mentality under which the half-Kashmir was severed from India. Let us tell you that among the electoral politics, the Congress has tweeted the map of India with no Kashmir, which the Congress is all over criticizing.

Let us tell you that Congress has posted a controversial picture of a map of India by telling the Raman Singh responsible for making Chhattisgarh poor on Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress on October 13, in which the entire map of India was not visible from Kashmir. If these Congress tweets became viral, then the Congress was fiercely criticized and the people of the general public looked upset against the Congress.

When the BJP leaders were noticed, they made it a big political issue and told the leaders of the Congress to divide the country, registering a complaint against them in Civil Lines Police station of Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, BJP’s spokesperson Naresh Chandra Gupta said that on 14th October the BJP has filed a complaint against Congress. AICC’s Chattisgarh unit was tampered with by India’s map on Twitter

It does not seem to be full Kashmir. That came to complain about this. Congress is doing a piece of land for vote. By going to their national president JNU, talking about forgiving India’s fragmenters as a child, they talk about forgiveness, which has cleared their mentality. They have done this 2 times earlier. “As soon as the matter came to light, the state’s CM Raman Singh also tweeted the PCC calling on the controversial post of Congress as the Pakistan Congress Party.

In his post, Raman Singh has written that the Congress policy is looking to break even more than adding the country. However, after catching up the matter, Congress has apologized after removing the post of controversial map with his Twitter and forgetting it.

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