July 11 – Resolution on “World Population Day” The last option to protect religion and the nation is to fight with Suresh Chavanke ji for “Population control law”

Every day every month the pressure of the growing population is celebrated every year to realize World Population Day. That day is today, that is the World Population Day on 11 July, the reason behind celebrating this day is to draw attention of people on the issue of increasing population every second. 
This day was first started by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 1989, when the population had reached around 5 billion. According to the decision of the United Nations Governing Council, in the development program in 1989, it was decided by the recommendation of the community globally that every year 11 July will be celebrated as World Population Day. 
The biggest problem today in India is increasing population. If no law is now made, then the country’s population will cross 200 crore in the next ten years. It is therefore necessary that strict laws should be made on this. Today we all talk of equality in this country, but some people talk of equality for their benefit. Whenever we talk about the implementation of two of our two laws, some people oppose it. Now the time has come to answer those people. 
When population control law can be applicable in China, Japan, the US and other countries, why not India in India? The ratio of population of Hindus in India is declining, it is a matter of concern. At the time of independence in the country, the number of Hindus was around 90 percent of the total population. Which has now dropped to 71 percent. India is a democratic and secular country because of its abundance. If there is a decline in the population of Hindus in the country, then there will be neither democracy nor secularism in the country. 
History has been witnessed that whenever the number of tolerant population decreased and intolerant people has increased in a country, then the country has also been destroyed and destroyed like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. Unemployment is increasing due to this growing population. There is a hindrance in development. For this, harsh population control laws should be implemented. Which are equally applicable to all 
The country needs the law of two children to control population. Because the fast growing population is becoming a hindrance in the development of here. Resources such as farming land, roads, and water are getting less. If the population continues to grow with this speed, then one day and a horrifying situation will become, which will not be easy to deal with. This problem is the biggest challenge facing the country. To control this, two children’s law should be enforced. 
This was the objective of the journey of the Indian National Bodies, which started from Kashmir through the National President of the National Organization of the Nation Building, and ended in Delhi with the aim of alerting the people towards the growing population in the society, whose positive effect. It is also visible and the public has accepted its ill effects. Starting on February 18, 2018, Jammu will be about 20,000 km passing through all the major states of the country and it was completed in Delhi on April 22, 2018. 
In this great rath yatra, there was a direct involvement of about 25 crores people. This Maharatri Yatra had passed through more than 5,000 cities in the country, in which more than 2 lakh villages had been participated and the target of signing of 10 crores, which are currently being used to replace camps and other places. .. All of you in this whole Mahabhaanan are being called by Nation Organization. In this endeavor of serving the nation and protecting the religion, the participation of all of you is compulsory. It is also the determination to keep struggling till the coming of the strict population control law. 

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