On 7th August 1952, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had told Nehru in the Lok Sabha that the future of Kashmir which is being seen today is the world.

Their names were pressed and their works were also pressed. These were visionaries, they knew that the policy on which the government was going to appease the time was about to happen, what will be the outcome of that policy in the coming time.

Today, the infiltration of Pakistan and the people of Kashmir itself could have been averted bloody conflicts against the army, if today, Jyahar Lal Nehru would have taken the voice of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee seriously, Laughing things in a funny sense and making the same avatara became the period of many Kashmiri Hindus and Jambaz soldiers of the country.

If it is to be known that in the pages of history, Dr. Mukherjee gave a strong speech in the Lok Sabha on 7th August, 1952 and raised many such issues related to national unity, which have no reply to Mr. Nehru and many others. Was not This speech was published by a daily newspaper in English with this headline:

The questions raised by Dr. Mukherjee in the speech of Bengal Lion Roars in Parliament in this linguist also included that if the Constitution of India can be beneficial for crores of people in the country then some lakhs of Kashmir How can people become harmful? He also said that it is strange that the people of Kashmir will get equal rights in all parts of the country, but the rest of the people of India will have to get a visa to go to the point of view.

Dr. Mukherjee did not answer any of these questions. Finally, Mr. Nehru had to say that Section 370, which gives separate status to the people of the state, will be wobbled out of time. But it should be ironic that, even after more than six decades of time, this temporary stream is still present in the Constitution of India and this section, which elevates the voice of separatism, has a bridge status between the state and India. Are engaged in giving. Many of these Congress leaders are also included.

After expressing his wonderful views in the Lok Sabha, Dr. Mukherjee came to Jammu and took stock of the situation because many complaints related to the people were reaching him and he had continuous contacts with Pt. Premnath Dogra Shyama Babu. Were. But later, the suspect died in his prison whose real history has not been revealed to this day.Today is the time to remember both the historians and those who have forgotten that day, and it is time to think about what has done for the country. 

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